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Championing our Rural Women in the lead up to International day of Rural Women on Friday 15th October.

Second up we have Chloe Forbes, recently appointed Project Manager for The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group - an online directory for country sports in Scotland, marketing and showcasing Scotland as a world-class destination for country sports opportunities and accommodation.

Chloe grew up on a smallholding in Cumbria, her father was on a small syndicate and her and her brothers always had a keen interest in shooting and started clay shooting at a local ground. This led to hosting successful ladies clay pigeon shooting days and shooting registered CPSA shoots most weekends. Three years ago she moved up to Scotland to live with her now-husband, they were introduced on a shoot day by mutual friends. Her passion for country sports has grown from here, particularly in deer stalking. Gundogs are also a massive part of her life, running @stormwatchgundogs with her husband alongside their full time jobs. Most spare time is spent picking up & beating on local shoots, training the dogs over rabbits, rough shooting and of course stalking when possible.

Chloe is a massive advocate for the field to fork ethos, trying to only eat sustainably harvested produce where possible. Through the winter her and her husband stock the freezer full of pheasant and partridge from local shoots and venison from the estate they live on.

“I love making curries, pies, fajitas, pasta dishes with pheasant and partridge. Venison is probably my favourite, it's a lean healthy meat, it can be used in multiple ways such as mince for burgers, lasagnas or slow-roasted joints. Apparently, I make a mean venison wellington (according to the husband!)

I'm always on the hunt for new ways to use game and easy hacks for handling and cooking meat, I'm working on a project currently at work which will be focusing on 'healthy harvest' - so watch this space!”

Future professional goals include continuing to promote the importance of our countryside and the multiple impacts it has on local communities such as providing a safe haven for species to thrive and focussing on a sustainable future for the country's sports industry and showcasing Scotland as a leading destination from a tourism perspective. On a personal level, she is excited to be booked on to do her DSC1 course, and would like to do her DSC2 after this. She is also keen to do her shotgun instructor course as she is passionate about encouraging new people into the sport and often this can be achieved through the likes of clay shooting.

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