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Continuing to celebrate our rural women in the lead up to International day of rural women tomorrow, here is a bit about Jane Harley:

Jane is a mixed practice veterinary surgeon in rural practice here in Speyside. Jane started working in the Highlands 25 years ago and has made the area her home. Through work she collaborates closely with farmers, gamekeepers and estates. Her partner of 20 years used to be a gamekeeper and introduced her to shooting and working gundogs outwith work, she has had german wirehaired pointers for almost 20 years that are used for grouse work, beating etc. They live in an old farmhouse with a some land for horses, fatten their own sheep and produce their own eggs.

Through Strathspey Veterinary Centre and the Highland Wildlife Park she has been involved in various conservation projects and is still involved with wildcat conservation and some projects with squirrels, sea eagles and osprey relocation/ reintroduction.

In relation to the role of women in rural Scotland, Jane believes that things are improving, but that it is important that women know that there are many roles available to them in the rural sector. She is also passionate about encouraging women into more rural pursuits.

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